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For years, there has been talk of a "Great Transfer of Wealth" coming to God's people. In the midst of controversy and concern over the excesses of carnal prosperity teaching, the fact remains that believers need financial resources in order to fund the advancement of the kingdom. For Christians to impact culture, they must understand the power of translating financial wealth into Kingdom influence. The problem? This level of wealth and influence continues to evade us, both personally and corporately. Why?


It's time to renounce and revoke the enemy's legal rights in our finances, and release supernatural abundance from the Courts of Heaven. 


Robert Henderson travels the globy, teaching the concepts from his bestselling Courts of Heaven series. When applied, these Kingdom truths help believers demolish barriers to breakthrough and step into divine destiny in every arena of life. In this timely new work, Henderson show you how to enter this spiritual dimension and engage God as a Righteous Judge on behalf of your finances. 


You will discover how to:


  • Remove legal rights the enemy is using to restrain financial increase in your life. 
  • Understand the economic system of Heaven: is God a socialist or capitalist?
  • Revoke the spirit of poverty that wars against prosperity and blessing.
  • Release the prophetic voice of your finances befor the Courts of Heaven. 
  • Operate in the Biblical principles of Firstfruits. 
  • Issue restraining orders against the devil and his agenda for your finances. 
  • Break free from "Disrupted timing" and realign with God's order of abundance. 


If you are experiencing financial hardship or sense an invisible "ceiling" that limits your current level of financial blessing, discover how to enter the Courts of Heaven and unlock the abundance that's reserved for God's people! 


Unlocking Wealth from the Courts of Heaven

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