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Global Prayer Empowerment Center

GPEC Prayer Houses

We are groups of prayer Houses all over the world aligned and connected to Global Prayer and Empowerment Center (GPEC). They make up in the spirit GPEC, a House of Prayer for all Nations (Isaiah 56:7). Their purpose is to agree in prayer as a House of Prayer for the nations to be shifted into their God ordained destiny and purpose. As a result of their activity, they will move from being a "goat" nation to a "sheep" nation. Matthew 25:32

GPEC Livestream

GPEC Livestream is the apostolic family or house joined and aligned with Apostle Robert Henderson. The ultimate purpose of this aligning is to “Secure Nation’s Destinies From The Court Of Heaven.” This understanding of the Court System of Heaven is radically shaping the church’s awareness of how the spirit realm works. We are recognizing that it is the job of us individually but also as the corporate people of God (Ecclesia) to grant God as Judge the legal right to fulfill His purpose in the earth. The thing that has hindered the fullest manifestation of the kingdom of God in the earth is the satanic realm still is holding nations under their influence because we as the church have yet to enforce and execute into place the finished works of the cross. This occurs from “The Courts of Heaven”.

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