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GPEC Core Group

Robert's Inner Circle

Monthly Live Question and Answer

Our live question and answer session offers an opportunity for you to have your burning questions addressed directly by Robert Henderson. Whether you're curious about the mysteries of the Courts of Heaven, seeking guidance on personal development, or simply eager to engage in thought-provoking discussions, Robert Henderson is here to answer any and all questions you may have.

Quarterly Live Prayer Sessions

These sessions offer a safe space where you can bring your personal needs, desires, and concerns to be lifted in prayer. Robert Henderson's unique ability to intercede on your behalf in the Courts of Heaven promises transformative and uplifting experiences. Whether you seek healing, guidance, or spiritual breakthroughs, these live prayer sessions provide an opportunity to receive blessings beyond measure. Join us and witness the extraordinary impact of heavenly prayer in your life.

Quarterly Live Bloodline Cleansing

Robert leads you in a powerful prayer that invokes intervention of Jesus' cleansing blood. This prayer is designed to cleanse your bloodline, releasing you from the burdens of sins, iniquities, and transgressions that may have been passed down through generations. 

Join us to experience the liberating and healing effects of this spiritual cleansing. As you partake in this process, you'll find renewal, forgiveness, and a deeper connection with your faith.

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